Sa 10 July 2021, 7.30pm

Roter Salon, Wipplingerstraße 20/EG, 1010 Wien

MAX BRAND Ensemble:

Annegret Bauerle, flute
Joanna Lewis, violin
Joe Pinkl, trombone
Elisabeth Aigner-Monarth, piano
Johannes Kretz, electronics, direction Soundpanting
Richard Graf, artistic direction


Ulf-Diether SOYKA
aus 5/8 - Sonata op. 2/50 for flute aud piano
I. neckisch
Johannes KRETZ
Monolog for violin and live-electronics
mobile – non perpetuum for piano solo
Ferdinand WEISS
aus 4 Minutenstücken for flute solo
I. Liberamente
III. Eine Zwölftonmelodie
Philipp Manuel GUTMANN
Martyrium for violin solo
Richard GRAF
Sister for piano solo
Till (2021) for flute, violin and trombone

SOUNDPAINTING - based on the previously performed works


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The current Covid rules apply to the event.

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