in cooperation with Allegro Vivo, Musikfabrik NÖ and the Cultural Department of the Province of Lower Austria


Composition competition 2022/23

Allegro Vivo • INÖK • Musikfabrik NÖ • Music Publisher Doblinger • Province of Lower Austria


The prize winners are:

Philipp Manuel GUTMANN receives a composition grant from the province of Lower Austria with his work "Leise atmen alle Blumen" (All flowers breathe softly)

The winning composition will be performed by the Altenberg Trio on September 8, 2023 at the Konzerthaus Weinviertel in Ziersdorf as part of the Allegro Vivo Festival.


INÖK does not award a special prize, but three recognition prizes to:

Sonja HUBER ("between")

Verena ZEINER ("The Unfolding")

Otto WANKE ("scatterei views")


The special prize of the Musikfabrik NÖ is awarded to:

Berthold CVACH with his work "Da drunt'".




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