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Johannes HOLIK



Instrumentation: Orgel

Instrumentation: Vla

Instrumentation: Klavier

Instrumentation: 2,2,2,2 4,3,1,0 Str. Pke

Instrumentation: 4-st.gem. Chor

Instrumentation: Fl, O, Kl, Hrn, Fg

Instrumentation: Vla, Kb Solo, 2 O, 2 Hrn, Str.

Instrumentation: Fl, O, Kl, Fg, Streichorch.

Instrumentation: 3 Bassetthörner, Streichorch.


Instrumentation: 4-st. gem. Chor

Instrumentation: S/A/T/B, 4 St. gem. Chor, 0,2,0,2 1,2,1,0 Str. Pke

Instrumentation: Brassquintett

Instrumentation: 2 Vio, Akkordeon, Kontra-Gitarre

Instrumentation: Sopran, Horn, Klavier


Instrumentation: 2 Fassungen 2 O, 2 Hrn, Str. oder 2 O, 4 Hrn, 2 Fg, Str.


Instrumentation: Orgel

Year of Creation: 1996
NE 03 011/3
Instrumentation: Violine solo

Year of Creation: 2019
NE 15 017
Instrumentation: Str.


Instrumentation: Vi, Sax, Kb, Klavier, 5 Fahrradklingeln

Instrumentation: Str, Pke, Schlgzg.

Instrumentation: Solosopran, 4-st.gem. Chor, Str, Orgel

Instrumentation: vierstimmiger gemischter Chor

Year of Creation: 1999
NE 61 008/6
Instrumentation: 2 O, 2 Hrn, Str.

Instrumentation: 12 Saxophone

Instrumentation: Kl, Vla, Klavier

Instrumentation: Vi, Vc, Klav.

Instrumentation: 2/2/2/2 4/2/2/1 Pke/Schlgzg/Xyloph.

Instrumentation: Vi, Vla, Vc

Instrumentation: Bariton, 4-st. gem. Chor, 2 Hrn, 2 Pos, Str, Pke

Instrumentation: 3 Soli, 4 st. gem. Chor, 2 Tr/Sax/Pos/Schlagzg/Pke/Str/Orgel

Instrumentation: S/T Oboe, Str, Orgel

Instrumentation: Sopran, Tenor, Oboe, Str, Orgel

Instrumentation: O, Str

Instrumentation: O, Vi, Vla, Vc

Instrumentation: Streichorchester

Instrumentation: 2 Oboen, Englischhorn


Instrumentation: O, Kl, Hr, Fg, 2 Vi, Vla, Vc

Instrumentation: 2,2,2,2 2,2,2,0 Str, Pke

Instrumentation: Wr. Horn und Klavier


Instrumentation: S7A7T7B 4 st. gem. Chor, 2 Trompeten, 2 Saxophone, 2 Violinen, Violoncello, Baß, Pauken und Orgel

Instrumentation: Mezzosopr, 4 st.gem. Chor, Violine, Kontrabass, Klavier

Instrumentation: 2 Vi, Vla, Vc

Instrumentation: Str

Instrumentation: Altsaxophon

Year of Creation: 2018
NE 13 003
Instrumentation: Tenor (Sprecher), Sax, Str. Pke

Instrumentation: T7B Solo, 4-st.gem.Chor, Fg, 2 Tr, 3 Pos, Str, Pke, Orgel

Instrumentation: O, Fg, Klavier

Instrumentation: 2 Oboen, Englischhorn, Fagott

Instrumentation: Soloviola, 1,2,2,2 2,2,1,0 Str. Pke

Instrumentation: Violone, Orchester


Instrumentation: 2,2,2,1 4,2,3,0 Str.Pke.2Schlagzg.


Instrumentation: Vorsänger, Gemeinde, Chor, 2Tr/Sax/Pke/2 Viol/Vlc/Kb /Orgel


Johannes HOLIK

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