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in cooperation with Allegro Vivo and the cultural department of Lower Austria


Composition Competition 2020/21

Allegro Vivo • INÖK • Province of Lower Austria

The jury selected the following prizewinners from numerous, stylistically very diverse entries:

Composition Grant of the Province of Lower Austria: David Wagner (Quartetto brutto).

INÖK Special Prize: Alexander Wagendristel (tête-à-bête)

The Musikfabrik Niederösterreich has kindly agreed to provide a further prize of € 1.000,-.
Special prize of the Musikfabrik Niederösterreich: Christoph Suttner (KV 231).

Dr. Vahid Khadem-Missagh (artistic director of Allegro Vivo)
Ursula Erhart-Schwertmann (President of INÖK, composer)
Nikolaus Straka (Managing Director of Allegro Vivo)
Richard Graf (INÖK, composer, JAM MUSIC LAB University)
MMag. Gottfried Zawichowski (Managing Director of Musikfabrik Niederösterreich)




A composition competition will be announced for a performance at the festival Allegro Vivo 2021 (probably on 20 August 2021) in cooperation with Allegro Vivo, the INÖK - Interessengemeinschaft Niederösterreichische KomponistInnen and the Cultural Department of the Province of Lower Austria. Under the theme "Humour" an innovative composition is sought that takes into account the examination of contemporary composition styles. 
The prize winner will receive a composition grant from the Province of Lower Austria amounting to

€ 3.500,-.

The prize-winning composition will be performed by an aspiring professional string quartet at the 1st prize-winners' concert of the Allegro Vivo 2021 festival and is expected to be recorded and broadcast by ORF Lower Austria.

In addition, the INÖK (www.inoek.at) will award a special prize for the best work by a composer with reference to Lower Austria. prize money:

€ 1.000,-.

As an optional additional prize (if the composer so wishes), Musikverlag Doblinger offers the publication of the winning work!

Detailed information can be found here

Registration form

NÖ Musikedition – Notenkataloge

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